Saturday, June 25, 2005

WOWIE What a day! CBX and Christy Tomlinson

I woke up early today, I was so darn excited to get this day started. I watched the movie "Wrong Turn" (scary movie, I was on the edge of my seat) and I also chatted online for a while. I finally got up, took a shower and got the boys ready for the day. We drove all the way out to Boise (lol see that I made it sounds like it was 100's of miles away but really it is only about 18-20 miles from here, not to far and that is where Dustin works "costco") so I could go to Cut' N Paste to meet Christy Tomlinson (Most of you all know how I feel about her :) I even have her name in my DT BIO at WSD) and get more CBX paper "dorm room" since I ran out of my stash on my two latest layouts. So we get there and right away Austin is demanding McDonalds lol, it has been about two months since I last had fast food (not including milkshakes, I have had a couple of those (blush blush lol) so I say that is fine they can all eat there and I will just get a Cobb salad when we get home. So Dustin gets austin a happymeal and aidan a chocolate milk. Well we pull up to Cut'N paste and get the boys out of the car, OPPS big surprise, Aidan has chocolate milk all over his blue shorts soooo we have to change him into a pair of sweat pants that were the "in case of am emergency" stash of clothes we keep back there. So now we are off. Now this is one of my favorite scrapstores and my kids know it all to well lol. Right when we get inside a couple of the gals tell me what a cutie Aidan is lol (he gets lots of attention he is such a ham lol) and Austin asks me right away "Mommy I want to go into the kids room" lol so he is pulling me through the store fast, so fast I get a very quick peek around and see Christy at the make and take table in the front of the store. GOOD she is here YAY! So I get Austin in the room, there was this gorgeous little girl in there, maybe about Aidan's age? so he goes over to the toys, I turn around and start to make my way back up to the front of the store and I see Dustin and Aidan, so I turn back around and go back to the kids room with them to put Aidan inside who was looking for his big brother. So now it's just me and Dustin and I start getting nervous about meeting Christy. So we head over to the Chatterbox paper, I go crazy over there lol, this is the first time Dustin is with me as I shop lol he usually goes next door with aidan to the hobby shop (his model cars and airplanes) and I keep austin. So he is watching me lol and you know what he says "Dang SLOW DOWN girl" LMBO I know I was blushing, he says "it's a good thing I am here to help you stay in the budget" LMBO he was playing of course, teasing me about "Going wild" lol I only got 18 sheets of CBX and it was all mostly Dorm room lol, a couple powder room and other lines for ebay kits. Oh yeah I forgot as I walked into the store there was a table that had the BRAND new not out yet CBX book "Substance of life" Ideabook so of course I got one of those :). So finally after circling the store twice making sure I was not forgetting anything else I might want I went up to the cashier, from there I could see the make and take table, whatever it was they were making looked good from there, wish I( could have joined in. So I start getting rung up and the cashier asks me to take one of the tiny pieces of paper out of this tin bucket, so I do and she says what ever is inside will be your discount on this purchase, COOL! so I open it up and it says 40% off (eyes popping out of my head now lol) so the paper ended up being free lol and the book was a $1 off thanks to the 40% off YAYAYAYAY! So the purchase was only $20.11. (I think the book had a discount on it to but not sure). So before she hands me My stuff I lean in and ask whispering lol "is it okay to take pictures with Christy?" (in my head I am thinking would it be rude to ask? I have'nt seen anyone else take any, do these people know who that is LOL ;) ) she smiles and says yes of course, I am sure she would not mind. So then I start heading out towards the front of the store with Aidan, Dustin had to take Austin to the potty (he is a big boy now potty training is over and he is doing good) so I am standing at the door and the owner of the store "Lori" comes up and was so sweet (all the gals who work here are so sweet! so friendly, it's awesome!) She tells me she hopes I had a great time in the store and that is when I ask again lol do you think it would be okay to take a picture with Christy lol, right away she says YES, I am sure it would be, so she goes and tells Christy (who is behind the bookcase that holds the books and magazines) and I here Christy say "oh yes that would be wonderful" and she comes around the corner and shakes my hand. Let me tell you guys, I had no idea what to expect, here is someone I have admired for so long and she is right in front of me and she was soooooooooooooooooo sweet! and very friendly. She had her friend take the pictures for us. So I pulled my Camera out (Digital Rebel 6.3) and handed it over. The gal said "hey Christy this looks just like your camera" and Christy says "it is mine, well not mine but the same brand and model" we all laughed. So the gal pushes the button and the flash popped up, she said she was going to take another, so she did and Christy says how about one more because I don't think the first one worked, I think it was just the flash popping out (if you own a DR then sometimes when you push the picture button (and the camera is on auto) then the flash will pop out with the first push because the camera knows there is not enough lighting) so I got two pictures with Christy. Of course when I viewed them later my hair looked aweful lol, I did not run my fingers through it so it parted in the middle and I tucked it behind my ears (YUCK) lol so I looked like a DUDE :( but Christy looked Fabulous! After the picture she asked if I was going to go do the make and takes, I said I wish I could but had the boys and dh with me so could not stay long, so she said hold on one minute and went over to the table,When she came back she had two baggies with her and said it was the make a take project (wow and I got two :) YAY lol) then she went back to get a sample of what it should look like assembled and she went through the deals on how to make it. That was so sweet of her! We chatted a little more and then she had to get back to the table, so we said goodbye. I am so thrilled that I got to meet her! Someone I have Admired for so long. And I am so excited Dustin was with me lol, last year when we moved to ID, on the day we drove all the way from SJ california to ID in the moving truck we talked about things that would be great about Idaho, this was our first BIG move, he talked about being close to his dad, having a good job etc, and honestly all I could say was I hope one day I get to meet Christy Tomlinson and Melody Ross, and of course I wondered if they gave Tours of the CBX offices lol ;) So yes girls dreams do come true ;) (lol only I never thought about meeting her at a lss, I firgured I would see her at a grocery store or gasp walmart lol ;) This was just so awesome!!!! Okay well another cool this is when I got in the car and opened my new CBX it was signed by Melody Ross (another to cool surprise!). I could not have asked for a better afternoon! Can I just say that I LOVE this book so much! The albums are amazing! and some of them are so heartfelt, I cried on the way home, and couple of them were so heartbreaking (the stories) and so meaningful! You all are going to love this book! Oooo before I forget, You know the CBX scrapaholic mugs the big ones that had the sun room mini flowers on them (I have that one here lol and love it) well I saw the new one and it is soooo darn cute! It is pink and had one of the powder room designs on it, I so need that, next time lol, I am going to have a collection of the cbx mugs lol, hope they make one with every room :)

Okay well I better get going we need to head out to Michaels, they have the ribbon deal and I need a couple more that I ran out of for my EBAY kits. Talk to you all soon :) Here is the pictures of Christy and me :) and I also had Dustin take one of me and Aidan earlier today :) YES I know I now have 0 blond in my hair :( I need to make some money and get highlights again lol

Have a good night :)


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and here is the one of me and Aidan

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  1. Wow, Nikki, you look great with brown hair! I love your storytelling, I was right there feeling nervous with you :)

  2. Wow... sounds like you had a great time! I am jealous... LOL... we haven't seen the book yet, and we are dying to get our copies! So until m copy arrives, I am going to live vicariously through you. :0)

    Jennifer Wellborn

  3. what an exciting day. . the pics look great. . and woo hoo for 40% off. . that's awesome :)

    where can i get one of those cbx mugs?? :)

    oh and you should try the herbal essences home highlighting kit. .it's awesome :)

  4. I love the pics! You look great! Sounds like a wonderful day.