Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rains it pours (what a tough week)

So Dustin got set hours at work last week, so his set hours are 7:30-4 and off on the weekends, it has been so nice for all of us. Well, he went to bed at 9pm last night, I heard his alarm go off at 6am this morning, then the second alarm at 6:15, well he kept hitting snooze. :( At 6:58 I woke up and felt him laying next to me still, so I shook him awake and said HURRY UP you are running, he was up super fast, got dressed, made coffee and was out the door, I told him to drive safe. So I went to check on the boys then layed down on the couch were I guess I fell asleep, well at 7:30 I am woken up to the sound of keys and the door opening, my heart sunk! For sure I thought he was fired.

Well he comes in a tells me that on his way out the door he dropped his cup of coffee all over him and the floor outside our apartment door, then he hit everylight, he comes apon a stop sign a stop short and took off, well a police man saw him to a short stop and followed him, he finally pulled him over a few blocks up the road, said whatcha in a hurry for? you late to work? Dustin told him yes, Dustin said he was a nice guy but he wanted to sit and talk about CA since he found out that is where we are from when he asked Dustin if he was from around here,He got a ticket. finally he said his nerves were shot and he turned around to come home to use the phone to call work to let them know he would be running a little late now.

When he called me later the stupid phones would not work (we have crappy cordless phones) so He could not tell me what happened. I do know if he gets one more late he will be suspended. He just works so hard with both jobs that it makes him so tired. Poor guy, he does the best he can! I need to get with it and finally finish my page kits for ebay, I love the way the first kit turned out but this last one I just don't like :( I have been depressed and it shows in my work. I did get 6 loads of laundry done and folded today so that was good, and late afternoon I cleaned the whole house so there is not much to do tomorrow but work, that's a plus :)

Lets see what else happened today??? oh I finally watched that movie "White Noise" Boy did that movie freak me out lol SCARY! Oh I also got an email from paper posies, I did not make the DT :( It has been a tough week in the scrapbooking department for me this week. On a good note I did Finally submit layouts to BHG SB ETC :) I have always been afraid to, just think my stuff would never get picked up by them, but finally took the steps today, so we will see :) (fingers crossed) Okay I better get going, I have to put the boys to bed and finish some work.

Nightie Night