Friday, May 13, 2005

Busy Day....

It is 10:30 pm and boy am I tired, I have been so tired the past week, more than normal. I spent the morning cleaning the house and sending emails out to Scrapbook Trends for their holiday call (1 layout "My Christmas Jammies") and my PaperKuts Reject for the pet call (still sad about that one, I honestly don't think I will ever be published in PK, I keep trying and trying and never make it) so I sent "A dog's life" layout to MM's Pet call and to Scrapbook Trends Sept call, maybe it will be published in the "simple things" section?

I also finally ordered my
A million Memories Kit today :) YAY, I am so happy Wendi pointed this Kit club out, it is amazing and the owner Natalie is so sweet! I also Told Melissa about it and her and Kara have now joined. So now I am a part of two kit clubs, LM and AMM.

I am so happy Melissa, Kara and Clarice all went out to a crop tonight, I told Melissa today that it is great that she gets to get out and spend some mommy "alone time" with just the girls. I need to look around here and see if they have Friday night crops, hmmmmm and who knows maybe once this summer We can drive down to Orem and I can go to Friday night Crop with Melissa and the girls. We already plan to meet this summer, I am so excited and can't wait. I just need to see when Dustin's has a little time off from his job's for us to drive up there. We want to go Camping in Utah too, maybe at the Big Lake and hit the
waterpark too. We also plan to go to yellowstone with MIL, Julia and Kate this summer as well as going to silvercities "Ghost Town" Sounds like so much fun! I can't wait! We plan on going home to California too a couple times for Lots of beach time fun! Maybe around Aidan's Birthday in July.

We went grocery shopping today. In lite of my Two peas diet lol, I bought lots of fruit (apples, bananas, grapes) and veggies, Carrots, brocolli, etc. I also bought sald stuff for lunches as well as breaded (not fried) shrimp that bakes in the oven and lemon to go on top YUM YUM. I bought lots of aquafina (my favorite bottled water, I am a bit of a water snob (blushing smiley here) I can not drink sink water, I have to have bottled water and it has to be room temp, I hate it cold from the fridge). Of course I did cheat and buy some nestle oven baked cookies (on sale) chocolate chip and walnuts MMMMMMMMMM. But I can work that off on the treadmill right ;)

I had fun this morning with Aidan, he is starting to talk so much, I mean he has been talking but alot more now. I was gathering receipts where dustin keeps them to add to the budget book and Aidan comes up from behind me and hugs me, well at first I think he is just being nice and hugging me, but then he says "ah bite me" and he bit the back of my pants, crazy boy lol, he likes to play bite and does bite when he gets excited. Austin was never a Biter, he did bite Dustin once and I think Dustin's shock and the yell he made scared Austin out of biting lol. Aidan was just so cute today, I gave him a kiss and said "I gotta kissie" and now he is singing "I kissie, I kissie", this boy LOVES to sing and dance! he LOVES to sing you are my sunshine. I have been singing the sunshine song to him since he was in my tummy, and then I sing it at night for him to get to sleep and now it is so cute to hear him sing it with me. Austin's favorite song for me to sing is Itsy bitsy spider.

I was reading Wendi's BLOG yesturday and read this...

Alright, I am so excited. I did hear back from Ann Silcock and I am thrilled to say I will be making her a scrapbook. I had emailed her telling her i wanted to donate a scrapbook for her amazing family, and to my surprise, she did write back and I am excited to be able to do something for such an amazing family. I cannot wait to get started. If anyone is interested in donating a page for this album, please email me at
For those that don't know about the Silcock's, it is truly one of the most inspirational stories I have seen. You can read about it here. Ann and her husband Jim have adopted over 30 disabled children. After watching them on TV, i just felt convicted to contact them and offer something to Ann and Jim considering ALL the giving they do on a daily basis. Incredible, Incredible couple.

SO I emailed her to let her know that I would so LOVE to be apart of this and will donate some pages for this. So she is getting all the info for me and will email me theme, page sizes, etc. I am so excited. I love doing this, I love seeing people so happy and I love to help! This is why every year around July- Dec I am so happy, I love being apart of the LM charity auction, not only making things but helpping Mely and Sara get this up and going, and at Chrsitmas time volunteering my Time to help Mely with the Giving from the heart stuff and talking to all the parents and kids who we help. This is the kind stuff I live for, helpping others, I may not be rich, and if I was I could help out in so many more ways, but I am not and all I can do to help others is give them my time and knowlege and support. Before I got serious with Dustin and we got married and had kids, I had a dream that I was following (this dream is not over, it is just put on hold to follow my dream of being a SAHM and having a beautiful family) I Volunteered my free time at a Convalescent Home close to my house and Job called "Skyline Healthcare Center". I loved talking to the residents and listening to their life stories. I remember there was a woman there named Mary who always let me know how much she LOVED fried chicken and since the closest thing to yummy fried chicken was KFC, I once brought her some chicken legs from there. On mothers day I took a couple single stem roses to the couple of ladies I would sit with, I so loved to hear their stories of life, what they had been through, Love, and of course they would love to talk about their grand kids, There was also this older russian couple, The woman took to me right away, she had Alzheimer's, and spoke very little english, her husband would translate for her and he would tell me about how she thought I was her daughter, but her daughter the way she was when she was my age (I was 21 at the time so 5 years ago). I would sit with them and let her hold my hand or arm and she would sing to me in russian, how I wish I knew what she was singing and secretly wished I knew how to speak russian. After spending alot of time there I decided I wanted to become an RNA. I signed up and paid for the classes, by doing this at skyline I would also be agreeing to work at this place for a year before I moved on to a hospital, it intitled me to learn to move the elders from their beds if they needed changing, all clean ups, feeding some, etc, which I totally would do. Well long story short I decided to put it on hold for my family. When my boys are old enough to be in school I plan to go back to school to be an RN this time, and my dream job is to work in a maternity ward. What better place to work then in a place were LIFE is born everyday! And with precious babies.

Okay I think I have started rambling, I need to get started on a new page kit now, boy it was nice sitting here and remembering all the wonderful people I met at Skyline. I will ttyal. Night

PS. if there is any typos it is because I am sooooo tired andcould not go through and proof read lol


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  1. Awwwwwww what a sweet post. I want to go get my RN too - it's a tough program though. My friend is graduating this week and she worked her butt off for 5 years to get through school with one kid - but she starts her first job as soon as she graduates and not only is she doing something she always dreamed of - she's also making $32 an hour. :)

    I hope I get to chat with you later - it's been so crazy here!