Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sweet Sundays

Well I was up bright and early with Aidan. I watched a little "Next and Made" on MTV and then went about cleaning. I still have alot to clean since I have spent the last hour reading a few message boards and emails lol. After I finish cleaning I plan to spend the rest of the day scrapbooking for me. I should make another ebay kit since my last one up ends today but I think I am going to start taking the weekends off from page kits and keep them for me and my scrapbooking. I will work tomorrow. I like to now set up the kitchen bar with my kit stuff and work out there, away from the computer LOL ;), because I tend to get more work done.

Dustin took Austin to go see Madagascar

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a while ago and it is just me and Aidan here and he is sleeping so I thought I could come back here for a while pop in a CD (Julie Roberts is in there now) and read my favorite MB's and blogs. I should get back to the pile of unfolded clothes on my bed lol, then I can finish cleaning my scrap area and get started on a new layout :)

I did not get much done yesturday, I have been kind sick this past week, the thought of food makes me sick and I get easy stomach upsets lately. So I have lots to do today, I better get back to it now lol, I'll be back on later...

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  1. I know how it is when you have so much to do but it spent on the MBs and bloggin! I call it my break from everything. Hope you had fun scrappin!