Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Just stamp REJECT on my forehead

WOW! Yesturday was a rocky start to this new week. I am praying the rest of the week goes better. I was not on the computer much yesturday, I spent the day working on two page kits so I could get them up on EBAY. Between stopping to help the boys or Dustin I did not finish them until 11pm, so I thought what the heck I will just list them now because we could really use the money, I spend two hours uploading, resizing and using ink frog to list them and when I hit submit there were errors, WHY? Because EBAY had a power outage. My mom says it has been storming in San Jose lately so I guess it could have been from the storm? anyways I finally got them listed at like 1:30am, after refreshing a bunch of times.

I have sent so many layouts and projects out lately and I have'nt heard back from anyone, I think my recent stuff must stink BIG time. I also applied for a couple DT's and found out last night that I did not make one :(

Maybe I am doing all this for the wrong reasons now? I SHOULD just be happy doing layouts and projects for our albums, that is how it use to be for me, until last summer when I got my first "PUBLISHED" Email. After that I started making layouts to try and get published for the calls, which should not be the reason I scrapbook!

I don't know I guess I am rambling, I have been so depressed lately. I think I am going to take a little break from the computer this morning and go read some of the book I have been reading " Jewels of the sun" By Nora Roberts, I love it! It's one of her trilogy book (I am on the first book) about a family from Ireland, when they talk about the the lead guy "Aidan Gallagher" and the way they discribed him it sounds like Colin Farrell :) and the way they discribe Ireland, is the way my mother discribes it every time she goes. My mother is Irish (My father full blooded Italian, so I am half of each), my mother Flys to Ireland 2-4 times a year depending on when she can take time off of work to go, when my mother retires she will be moving to Ireland to stay. My mother has tried to see if she could fly my grandmother (Matilda "Tillie") back to the old country but my grandmother is now to weak to live through a plane ride that long, My relatives in Ireland wanted her to come "Home" to Ireland in her final years. I can not WAIT for my mother to send me some of the pictures she has taken (we are talking THOUSANDS, she loves taking pictures as much as I do ;) ) in Ireland so I can scrap them.

Okay I am off to read a chapter in my book and then clean house. TTYL

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