Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lot's to say today

I woke up sooooo sick today :( Most of us in the house have colds today, I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose. I hope this is a really quick cold. I got a phone call yesturday from pauline from the apartment office, she wants me to come in on Friday at 1pm. I have to let her know (since she is the NEW manager and I spoke to the last one about this job) that I can only work when Dustin is home from work or I will have to take the boys to the club house too until he does get home. I don't really need this job, it is just something to get me out of the house for awhile and back in the real world and away from these 4 walls lol (that's what Dustin says). So we'll see how it goes.

I am bummed yet again, I have waited WEEKS now for PK to send out the rest of the Pet calls/emails and they finally went out yesturday and I am soooooooo sad because my "A dog's Life" layout was not picked. It would be just another reject layout but I made this one just for this call, yes I know I have an awesome memory now put down on a layout, but I am still sad, this is one of my favorite layouts :( Atleast MM still has a pet call out, I will submit to them and see if they like it, if not, well at least I have an awesome layout!

I finished my very FIRST holiday layout last night :) I was so happy to finally be done. I had such a hard time with it, WHY? well I am use to using a few colors and patterned papers in my layouts, but with "Christmas" themed layouts you are limited to just a couple colors. I do like the way it turned out though :) Here it is if you want to see... " My Christmas Jammies"

I did my morning reading of my favorite BLOGS, first the scrap blogs and then I went to Pink and Dana's Dirt. Dana linked to a site called MYSPACE, and on her page I found this Cori yarckin page, Cori is a new singer and her CD was on this page, you can hear three of her songs and let me tell you this girl is AWESOME! I can not wait to get her CD now! I have listen to her " Everything you said" song a few times now, lol it's a catchy song! So go check her out.

I received a phone call from Frank today. It was nice talking to him again, he is doing so good with his family and they just bought a new house. I am very proud of him! He was also telling me about their trip to Disneyland. Oh gosh I wish we could take the boys this summer for the 50th anniversary.

I posted two new page kits one ebay ( Kit one, kit two) they are not doing so well, the one I posted a couple days ago did very well, It is my favorite so far. Here is is if you want to see... "spring is in the air"

Okay well I need to go read another chapter in my book and then get started on a new kit, I will be back on later to post my treadmill score. Oh that reminds me I signed up for this weightloss group thing at TWOPEAS it sounded awesome and I even got Melissa to try it with me :) The thread was called The Official {Pubster Diet Contest} It was posted by Heidi Z (she will have diet tips in her blog everyday too YAY lol)posted it. So I have 5 weeks starting yesturday to lose 13lbs ( by June 13th) so wish me luck ;) I am going to start trying to cut down on my soda intake (which will be super hard!) and drink more of my Aquafina.

There is another girl who really insipred me before, her name is Julie N and I came across her "weight loss scrapbook" last year at scrapjazz. I have since seen her post about Weight watchers at Twopeas and she even has a new weightloss scrapbook pt 2 (she just had a baby), anyways here first album insipred me, when I read it It felt like I was reading a story about myself. I could not help but to cry! If she could do it then I can right? I need to start eating better, but how do I start that? What do I pick to eat? WHERE do I start? I need to lose a FEW pounds, I hope to be my goal weight by next year (I want to be down at least 30 pounds by January because we want to try for baby #3 then, this is still up in the air though)

Okay I am REALLY leaving now lol :)

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