Sunday, May 8, 2005

Quick entry before bed

I am up late working on some page kits so I can get them up tomorrow. Austin woke up for a while, I turned on cartoons because it helps him get back to sleep. He can into my room and ask...

Austin- Mommy can daddy buy me a rocket ship?
Me- hmmmm maybe
Austin- If I get a rocket I can fly it to the cheese planet
Me- mmmmm that sounds like fun and like it would be yummy
Austin- Yes when I land on it I can eat it.
Me- wow you would eat it?
Austin- yes I would eat it all
Me- but won't you get full?
Austin- mmmm No
Me- what's is the cheese plant called?
Austin- hmmm it's called, hmmmm like, It's called mac and cheese planet and it's white.
Austin- mommy can I have some cinnimon rolls?
Me- but I thought you wanted to fly to the cheese planet? and eat that.
Austin- yes I will when I go to sleep and dream it. Then Daddy can buy me my rocket so I can blast off to the cheese planet and eat all the cheese.
Me- oooo okay then

He says the most amazing things sometimes! Like today there was a spider "YIKES" crawling on the floor in the kitchen, Dustin was trying to getit, Austin was sitting at the bar, and said he was going to turn on his robot light and get down to see the spider, so he touched his shoulder and made a sound "beep beep" and said it was turned on. I just sat back and watched him, thinking wow I remember what it was like to have an amazing imagination like that. After a while of all of us watching Dustin try to get the spider he finally did. I then watched Austin get back up on the stool at the kitchen bar, I then saw him tap his shoulder again and make a noise "Beep Beep". I asked him what he was doing, he told me he turned his robot light off now that he did not need it anymore. He amazes me everyday! And this boy LOVES Robots :) he builds them all the time with his Mega Blocks, he is one smart 4 year old!

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