Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial day and the BBQ

5 years ago today was mine and Dustin's first date. We had been seeing each other a couple months before then but just hanging out. He would walk me home, we would hang out under the stars on the grass talking at night at Lincoln Highschool, he would hang out with my family daily, and we would always be on the phone with eachother. We finally had our first date on Memorial Day 2000. My mother invited him to go with us to a family friends home. They had a Victorian house moved to down town area of san jose in the historical area. So it was kind of a house warming/Memorial day BBQ. It was so much fun! I remember the way he looked at me that day. I remember him leaning in for our first kiss on the swing set in the back yard. I remember the hot almost summer air and breeze at night when we sat in the back yard talking. It was beautiful.
Now when this day comes each year that we have been married we remember that day back in 2000, it was almost magical! lol I can still see Dustin in his hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandels. I can still feel that strong feeling I had for him then, this day would also be something else special to me, it was the day he first told me he loved me! We had known eachother for a while, and shared our first kiss that night and he told me he loved me. I remember a week before then my mother offered to drive him home from work that day, when we pulled up to the apartment he shared with his brother Russell, he got out, as he was going around to the back of my mom's explorer she whispered to me "you know I can see that this boy loves you very much, it is in the way he looks at you, the way he smiles when you talk, the way you make him smile" I remember how I felt when my mother told me this, I had huge butterflies in my stomach, and felt some much emotion, as I watched him walk up the stairs to his apartment door holding his bike I remember feeling a little sad, sad that he had to leave me, we had hung out so much, everyday and if we were not together we were on the phone together. lol we both even had to buy cell phones so we could still talk to each other when his brother was on his home phone and my sister was on our home phone.

Okay Memorial Day present (2005). Today was a great day. We went to my FIL'S house for a BBQ, Colleen, the boys and I all went out and feed the neighbors cow and goats through the fence. I took so many pictures today lol, I think maybe over 70 lol I will post them once I have them uploaded, well a couple not all 70 lol. I played on the HUGE grassy yard with the boys, I even got aidan to sit with me under the big willow tree. I love willow trees, when we own our home I want one, so I can set up a hammick under the willow and read. I also want Lilac trees so I can smell the beautiful fragrance. We had a great BBQ with ribs, chicken, hot dogs for the boys, baked beans, garlic bread and corn YUM! And for dessert we brought an Oreo cream pie. It was such a beautiful day too.

Okay well I think I need to get to bed, I have a long day tomorrow with page kits, I need to get back on the ball again. Nightie Night


  1. OMG this is the sweetest story!! It made me cry! What a great couple, and what special memories for Memorial Day!

  2. Aww Nikki. Thanks for sharing. Makes me think back to Tim and my beginnings :)