Tuesday, May 3, 2005


I have felt so discouraged lately, with everything in my Life. I have been so depressed, My daily routine for the past 3 1/2 years has recently changed this past month and now I just don't know what to do with myself. I am lost. For the past week I have spent most of the day in bed or on the couch watching TV or sleeping. I have tried so many times to just sit down and scrap or working on a page kit but as soon as I do I have to get up, I've lost my MOJO. I feel so uninspired. WHY? I think alot of it has to do with making the page kits for ebay, it is no longer fun, it has become a chore now since it is a must, Dustin and the boys are depending on me to make the money from my page kits to help pay the bills and for food and gas money. As is, it usually takes me a whole day just to make one page kit, because I put that much time and love into each kit but right now, now that I am in this funk, it has taken me a week to do a page kit :( I am hoping to finally finish the one I have been working on since last week.

I REALLY want to work on a layout. Speaking of layouts, I went to the PUB today and saw the ST Aug emails were going out, I am sad to say I did not get one :( I turned in a bunch of the layouts I have done of the boys and one of the beach, that was what some of the call was for, I am a little upset but will get over it. I did see the post is up for the Fancy Pants Designs DT call, and On May 6th Scrappinangels will have the owner Jodi there for a nightly chat about it and more info so I thought I would go to that, I know I have no chance at all of every being on a DT like that but I want to at least try. I am going to order some of their paper tonight from LM with some GC I have been saving up, I was going to get the Large set of Mobe stamps I wanted but decided to maybe get a small set and some Fancy pants paper.

I spent the morning Reading Blogs, had to catch up on Dana's Dirt , and Pink is the new Blog and of course a few of my favorite scrappers blogs, cleaning the apartment, I just finished cleaning my book shelf and organized the CD and DVD shelf, now I have some free time so I am going to try and finally finish this page kit to get up tonight (I HOPE) and then sit down and try to scrap a couple layouts......we'll see. I try to come back and post one if I finish. oooo Dustin just came home for lunch and said he is making breakfast for lunch...mmmmmm Potatos and Eggs

5:48 PM

Woohoo I only have my paper piecing left to make for my kit and I am done YAY, Then I can FINALLY start a new layout, My new goal is to TRY and get a page kit up everyday this week, It is a HUGE leap but I am going to try very hard! Okay I am off to turn on my light box and make this pping :) I hope I finish this page kit before Gilmore Girls starts tonight :) I have one hour ;) Okay I better go wake Dustin up from his nap so he can take Austin to FIL'S for a while, then maybe I can get Aidan down to sleep early tonight and WORK WORK WORK :)


  1. scrappin funks suck!! keep your chin up girl, u r supa talented!!

  2. girl- don't let the pressure get to you. if you need to take a break from kits- just sit down, do a lo for enjoyment, and then go back to it. if your heart isn't in it, don't force things or it probably won't be something that you are satisfied with anyway.