Friday, May 6, 2005

PHEW I did alot today

Dustin is still home because of his kidney stones today, he did pass one and thinks that is it for now, he still has to left though which probably won't fall for a while. He has the next two days off. We both woke up at about 6:30 am, We layed in bed for a while, talking and watching tv, it was so nice, we have not been able to do that since he has been working his three jobs. I have missed that and I have missed him. I fell back to sleep and he let me sleep in until 10:30 am. When I got up I read a few of my favorite Blogs, checked my Emails, I got one form Wendi's site talking about the neat NSD thing that will be up on her site this weekend and I got one from Scrappin Angels about tonight's chat there with Jodi from Fancy Pants designs. I can't wait. I hope to hear who got on the DT at SWG soon, I am dying to see :)

I finished my page kit finally and will be uploading it to ebay soon, I also started two more kits which I hope to finish tonight. I spent from 11am-3pm cleaning the whole apartment, so now I only have lunch to make (Italian Breakfast, Dustin asked for :) and two loads of laundry left. I am so ready for NSD tomorrow, I will be doing an all day crop with Melissa online which will be so much fun, I can't wait. I have been so busy with everything else lately that I have not had time to scrapbook layouts so I will be doing it all day tomorrow and Dustin already said he will be watching the boys YAY :)

Okay I need to go cook lunch I will write more later...

8:43 PM

I listed my newest Kit tonight, HERE it is if you want to look. I am working on two more right now. I stopped to go to The chat with Jodi from Fancy Pants Designs. It was awesome! Jodi is such a sweet gal! She talked about how she came up with the patterns for the lines paper lines out now. She also talked about upcoming stuff that will be out soon :) And it was so nice talking to everyone about our families. Scrappinangels always host these wonderful chats with designers and product Manuf. It's awesome!

Okay I am sitting here with a headache and think I am going to go start a bath and try and relax and read for a bit before I get back to work. I will post again tomorrow for NSD, YAY :) lol

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