Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Deja vu and some prayers

deja vu

1. Psychology. The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.
a. An impression of having seen or experienced something before: Old-timers watched the stock-market crash with a distinct sense of déjà vu.

Do you ever get that feeling of Deja Vu? Well I sure did when I received a phone call at 4:08 am this morning. Now I have to say how much it scares me to be woken up that early in the morning, I pop up from my deep sleep to the sound of the phone ringing, as I gather my thoughts and realize what is going on within second my heart starts to beat fast and I panic, WHY would someone be calling this early........if it was not bad news........RIGHT?

I answer the phone and can hear very heavy breathing, it's Dustin, I can tell he is in alot of pain, I ask him what's wrong (in my mind as I wait I am thinking, what could have happened in the last 40 minutes since I saw him? and the last 20 since I spoke to him on the phone (he works the early morning shift at Costco), I called him 20 minutes earlier to let him know that he forgot to turn his alarm clock off and it went off lol woke me up. He seemed fine, laughed at how he forgot to turn it off and then said he loved me but had to go because he was working. So I hung up and fell back to sleep, fast forward to the phone call I just received....

Dustin finally speaks, he says he thinks it's happening again, I say what is happening again? He moans and says my back, the right side of my lower back, it's the stones, it's happening again....

Flashback to a year ago, Here is a post I made at LM last year about what happened to Dustin (the story) . Needless to say the Doctor did tell us Dustin had 4 kidney stones and only ONE passed last year, so The Doctor said they could pass at anytime, for years to come. Well...

Fastfoward to this morning- He tells me he is in so much pain, a pain he knows all to well, He asks me what I think he should do, I said go to the hospital before it gets worse. I run down the line of symptoms, I ask him if he has a fever, if he feels like he may be sick etc. He says no, PHEW I think it is the early stages, so maybe he does not have to go through as much pain as before. He is in so much pain now I can hear him moaning and almost in tears (One thing about my DH, lol he would NEVER make it through child birth, if men could give birth to babies lol, When he is sick with a cold or flu, he is such a drama queen! I am not making lite of this, I am just explaining my husbands behavior when stuff like this happens.) I tell him that he needs to speak to his Boss an explain to him what is going on, that he (my dh) needs to go to the hospital now! I ask him to call me back when he is leaving work. He calls back about 15 minutes later, I can hear more pain in his voice then before, he is now on his way to the hospital, guess what happens?..... The truck runs out of gas, poor guy can't seem to get a break today, thankfully he has a gas can in the back of the truck that is full enough to get him to a gas station. He calls me back about 10 minutes later, I can almost hear the tears and pain in his voice, he tells me he can't make it home to the hospital next door to where we live, that he has to go to the hospital in the next town over. His last words where that he would call me once he was checked in to the ER and things were okay, so now I sit and wait :(

We just payed off last years hospital ER bill with our tax return, because of this (our insurance does not cover ER visits so we pay for EVERYTHING :( ) I am sooooooo worried about him :( He told me to try and go back to sleep but I can't, I am way to worried about him. I am sitting here praying he calls me soon. Please if anyone is reading this or gotten this far will you please keep my DH in your thoughts and Prayers today? Thank you!

Update- 7:04 am

Dustin just called, poor guy sounded very out of it, he said they hooked him to an IV for a while, then gave him meds to take the pain away, they also gave him the screens to try and catch the stones so they can see how many might pass this time. They took his keys away because you can't drive on those meds, my SMIL is on her way there now to pick him up, and later today when he is feeling better he will go to Costco to pick up his other meds. I am glad he got it done alot faster this time, I hate to see or hear him in so much pain. He did say that he got sick a few times while there, I hope he will start feeling better later today.


  1. good thoughts to both you AND DH. .. . hope he's well soon. . it's hard to see someone you love in pain!

  2. I hope he is feeling better soon. Stay strong for him- and I am here if you need to talk.

  3. Poor Dustin - I hope that he feels better soon! The pain must be horrible - and all the whining too ;)