Tuesday, May 17, 2005

chin up buttercup

That is what my best freind use to tell me when I was younger, It was a rotten day today and it is still going on! it is 11:40 at night and Austin is still up and being louder then ever making so much noise he woke his brother up :(, I can't get any work done like this! Late night like this is suppose to be my time and since I need to make my camera payment next Monday I am on a HUGE deadline to finish 6 kits and get them up.

I also want to scrapbook so bad, but can't until I finish these kits. I did get my MOBE stamps today "Pharmacy" font and LOVE them! They look amazing and I can't wait to play with them! I also ordered the "Rock it" font from LM (with GC), can't wait to get that one either.

I ordered 91 pictures for Winkflash this weekend, the 5x7's are only $.29 each there! I can not wait to see them. I plan on scrapping at the end of this month :) NO stop scrapping. And I am going to do another online crop all day with Melissa and Kara. FUN FUN FUN! I told Melissa this time I plan to get everything done the night before, all my paper picked out, pictures and layout sketches. I still have 4 sketches from the last crop to do.

I need to send in a couple layouts to for current calls. OOOOO Okay I so missed Gilmore Girls tonight :( and I think it was the last one of the season :(. But I did see the new Britney show. WOW! Lot's of Sex talk and boy did I see lots of Britneys teeth and up her nose lol. She films most of the show on her Camera and she kept turning it to show her face expressions or when she laughed, and geezzz all the sex talk, WOW! Okay well I am going to try and get at least two more elements done tonight then get to bed. I will post more tomorrow.


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