Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday mornings and a day together

The boys and I were up early today, I have most of the cleaning done YAY, and I just finished feeding the boys breakfast ( Brown sugar Oatmeal). I just got off the phone with Dustin who is doing a couple window jobs at a couple local gas stations and then he will be home. We are going to go down town today, where they have this big town garage sale, (yes we have 0 - negative money in the bank so we WILL NOT be shopping) it is a chance for us to get out and walk around and look at stuff. I think it will be sorta like the "Flee Market" we have in San Jose, CA. It is a nice sunny day today FINALLY, it has been raining here for like two weeks, so this is the first sunny day. I also plan to take the boys to the park today, it is just a perfect day outside.

I got another page kit up tonight. I also decided to up my kit prices by $5 now, we can really use the money and they are well worth that, I put so much time and energy into them. It takes me a whole day to make just one kit. The kits makes a complete 12x12 2 page layout, that is great, all the person has to do is put it on 12x12 paper and add pictures. I have seen people who make scrapbook pages for a living for people charge $40-60 just for ONE layout, so they are really getting a deal with my kits. God I pray that I can make a few this week, we just got an email this morning that our car insurance needs to be payed (when we got our tax returns this year we payed it off until June), why is it when you are so far in the hole, stuff just keeps coming? I think I have been encouraging enough to Dustin things are going to work out and be okay for us so he will feel better, it breaks my heart to see him so depressed, but in all honestly I am freaking out inside and am still so worried!

Okay well I need to go get myself in the shower and get ready for our day, Thank you lord for this distraction today, Us getting out will keep our minds off of the stressful things in our lives right now. Thank you for this day that we can just relax!

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  1. that new kits is too cute. It would be great with pictures of little brothers.

    Love the PP.